UWB Hacks The Cloud is the fifth annual (and third virtual!) hackathon at the University of Washington, Bothell. The UWB ACM intends to bring students with diverse skill sets together to make connections and create something useful and/or fun.

The tracks for this year are:

  • Sustainability: How can humanity avoid exhausting Earth’s resources? Think of a way to utilize the cloud to either educate young people about sustainability or to build a sustainable solution and help conserve energy, water, or other resources.

  • Education: As the pandemic became a new normal for all of us, it left lasting changes in our education system. Covid influenced the use of new technology in education to help students continue their education remotely. Think of ways to keep education effective and available remotely, bonus points if you use a cloud.

    Relevant topic: online learning, time management, etc.
  • Entertainment: Quarantine has had us in search of the best ways to keep ourselves entertained, seeing huge jumps in usage for streaming services, video games, social media, and more. Entertainment continues to grow as people lean more towards the internet for entertainment. Explore the unique avenues in which we provide people with connectivity and entertainment through technology and the cloud.

Our hackathon is a great way for college students to network, get hands-on experience in programming, and solve problems in teams. Whether this is your first or five-hundredths hackathon, come join UWB Hacks The Cloud this year for a fun time!


This hackathon focuses on allowing you to be creative and follow any of our tracks! As such, we expect all submitted projects to be either in the sustainability, education, or entertainment track.


In order to show us your amazing project, there are some things we need from you in your submission. For each category listed below, there are a few options for fulfilling the requirement, listed in order of preference.


Category 1: README

All submitted projects should have an accompanying document that explains the following:

  1. Goals of the project

  2. Desired user experience

  3. Implementation details

  4. Issues encountered, bugs fixed or still present, and future work to be done (every project has them!)


Category 2: User Experience Example

Show us how users interact with your project! Please include one or both of the following:

1.    Link to live endpoint (web app, custom API, etc)

2.    Video recording or screen recording of the user interacting with the project, i.e. recorded live demo.


Category 3: Implementation Details

We want to see how the project was created. Any or all of the following could be provided:

1.    GitHub repository containing all written code (Lambda/Functions or other programming language-centric products).

2.    Screenshots of configuration steps

The more information the judges have to evaluate your project, the more likely you are to receive recognition for your hard work!


Hackathon Sponsors


$1,674 in prizes

First Place (3)

Cash value of prize for each 1st place team per track.

Runner-up (3)

Cash value of prize for each 2nd place winner per track.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Danny Banko

Danny Banko
UWB ACM President

Anna Jennings
Support Engineer/Microsoft

Saam Amiri

Saam Amiri
PM II / Microsoft

Chris Johnston

Chris Johnston
SWE II / Microsoft

Derek Ogle
Sr. Cybersec Eng / TMobile

Shannon Evans

Shannon Evans
SWE I / F5

Tracy Tran

Tracy Tran
PM @ Allen Instititute

Judging Criteria

  • User Experience
    Does this project delight the end-user? Is it funny, whimsical, or otherwise pleasing?
  • User Interface
    Is the user interface (where applicable) easy to use, intuitive, and pleasing to the eye?
  • Technical Complexity
    Is the project's code and implementation advanced?
  • Innovation
    Does this project combine technology and code in a unique and functional fashion?
  • Impact
    Does this project create an impact on users, communities, and current events?
  • Track
    Does the project adhere to the track prompt?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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